DoddleBags | 4 Pack
Whether you need a top up, or want to give DoddleBags a try, this is the pack for you.

DoddleBags are perfect for holding anything you want when you’re out and about.

Food for weaning, food for you, sun cream, shampoo or your favourite post gym shower moisturiser, DoddleBags let you take it with you wherever you go.

This set includes:

4 pouches,
4 anti-choke caps,
4 matching labelling stickers.

Did you know, Doddle pouches are:

BPA-Phthalate-PVC free
reusable + recyclable
easily stored
hygienic + safe
see through on one side
freezer + lunchbox friendly
dishwasher + hot water safe
calibrated for easy measuring
easy for small children to hold + adults to fill?