Lampe Berger Essential Kit | Round
This kit includes 2 x 180mL bottles of fragrance fuel (So Neutral & Paris Chic), the lamp, catalytic burner, snuffing cap, and funnel. Everything you need to get started!
Simply, the Lampe Berger removes odors, kills bacteria and fragrances the air.
Developed by Monsieur Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical chemist, each lamp features, under its’ stylish cap, a patented catalytic burner that destroys odors and helps purify the air, eliminating up to 68% of any airborne bacteria before the fragrance is dispersed.

The Lampe Berger is successful at destroying a whole range of odors at the molecular level, including:

:: Cigarette smoke
:: Cooking odors
:: Pet odors
:: Paint fumes
:: Many other forms of household pollution.


The Lampe Berger comes with simple instructions and is safe to use. Just add fragrance, then insert the wick/burner, and allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes. Light the burner for two minutes and extinguish.