Cuisinart SmartStick Rechargeable Hand Blender + Electric Knife
Cuisinart Smart Stick Variable Speed Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife.

Introducing a new hand blender that’s one of the most multifunctional food prep tools in the kitchen.
This smart stick comes with an electric knife attachment that lets users effortlessly carve a roast or slice a loaf of bread, a 3-cup chopper for nuts, cheese and garlic and a chef’s whisk for meringue and whipped cream.
The slim stainless steel shaft is 9.5" long with a large blade and guard for faster results.
Five speeds and 20 minutes of run time on each charge make this cordless stick blender any chef’s all time favourite.

Cordless rechargeable blender with 20 minutes of run time per charge
7.4 amp lithium ion battery with quick charge feature
Long slim 9.5-inch stainless steel shaft with unique blade guard design
New power lock/unlock feature
Limited 3 year warranty

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