Le Creuset 11pc Ultimate Cookware Set | Cerise
$1,300.00 $929.95
SPECIAL ORDER (typically a 2-3 week wait)... available in Cherry, Marseille, Flame, Caribbean, Dune, Truffle.

Round French Oven -
A classic for generations, the Round French Oven is ideal for one-pot recipes and slow-cooked hearty stews, and is available in a wide range of sizes to fit any occasion.
- Size: 6.9 L.

Iron Handle Skillet -
Whether frying eggs, baking desserts or searing chicken breasts, the Enamelled Cast Iron Handle Skillet makes it easy to prepare a variety of classic foods on the stovetop or in the oven.
- Size: 26 cm.

Saucepans -
The Covered Saucepan is designed with an oversized assist handle for easy, controlled lifting when full.
- Sizes: 1.9 L and 3.8 L.

Stainless Steel Fry Pan -
This classic Fry Pan features specially designed ergonomic stay-cool handles that make maneuvering on the stovetop and around the kitchen simple and comfortable.
- Size: 28 cm.

Forged Hard-Anodized Shallow Fry Pan -
Covered in a reinforced nonstick coating, the stylishly low-profile Shallow Fry Pan features shallow side walls for a wider cooking surface area.
- Size: 24 cm.

Stockpot -
Le Creuset Stockpots are crafted of heavy-gauge steel and make preparation hassle-free - whether boiling water for a pasta dinner or simmering a hearty stew all afternoon.
- Size: 11.4 L.