Can Cover

Can Cover  $0.95

They cover your can! Keeps the fizz in and the bugs out! Available in white, green, and red (inquire for…

Can Cover with Spout

Can Cover with Spout  $1.50

Available in red, blue, and white. These can covers attach to most aluminum cans. They have a pour spout cover that helps…

Outset Butter Button | Butter Spreader

Outset Butter Button | Butter Spreader  $1.95

Yes, there are these things called "butter knives", but have you noticed they're not the easiest way to spread butter…

Lotus Won Ton Spoon

Lotus Won Ton Spoon  $1.99

Lotus Spoon, 6" / 15cm, white, porcelain. Oven, microwave & dishwasher safe.…

Pan Scraper

Pan Scraper  $2.95

This little pan scraper is amazing for cleaning and scraping sticky messes from plates, pots and pans. Its ergonomic design…

The Pot Minder

The Pot Minder  $3.50

This product helps keep pots on a heated stove from boiling over. The ceramic Pot Minder is placed in the…

Bowl Covers | Set of 6

Bowl Covers | Set of 6  $3.95

Set of 6. Elastic bands.…

Silicone Mini Squeeze Bottle

Silicone Mini Squeeze Bottle  $3.95

Reusable Silicone Squeeze Bottles - 2 size options - 38ml(1.3oz) and 50ml (2oz). Great for lunch box vinaigrettes, sauces, condiments…

Reusable 8" Straws | Set of 24

Reusable 8" Straws | Set of 24  $4.50

Set of 24 reusable straws are perfect for drinking water, iced coffee, soda, cocktails or iced tea. Straws are food grade…

Microwave Food Cover

Microwave Food Cover  $4.95

10.25'' Diameter. Prevents microwave splatters. Vented to release steam. BPA free.…

Pickle Picker | Olive Pincher

Pickle Picker | Olive Pincher  $4.95

Handy and fun kitchen gadget! The Pickle Picker from Fox Run makes easy work out of grabbing pickles and olives…

Stainless Steel Pickle Picker

Stainless Steel Pickle Picker  $4.95

7" Pickle Picker Chrome Plated Brass. Use to pick pickles, cherries, olives or any small item out of jar. 2-pronged fork ejects…

Mushroom Brush with Nylon Bristles

Mushroom Brush with Nylon Bristles  $5.95

Wood with Nylon Bristles…

Onion Saver

Onion Saver  $5.95

Contain onion odors while keeping cut onions fresh and moist. Made to look just like an onion, this will never…

Pepper Saver

Pepper Saver  $5.95

Keeps fresh-cut peppers crispy and moist. Fun for outdoor serving of cut peppers. Easy to find in the refrigerator. Two…

Pot Drainer

Pot Drainer  $5.95

No need for a separate colander. This crescent-shaped handled sieve fits over pots up to 10" in diameter. Dishwasher-safe.…

Pro-Line Onion Saver

Pro-Line Onion Saver  $6.95

Pro-Line Onion Saver®. Contain onion odors while keeping cut onions fresh and moist. The Pro-Line Onion Saver® features…

Regency Cheesecloth 2 Sq Yds

Regency Cheesecloth 2 Sq Yds  $6.95

100% Cotton. Lint Free. Good for straining, steaming & blanching, cleaning and polishing, canning, automobile detailing, spice bags, and so…

Zen Cuizine Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

Zen Cuizine Bamboo Sushi Making Kit  $6.95

Sushi Making Kit, bamboo. Includes: a bamboo sushi mat that will not soften, fray or absorb moisture or odors,…

Blooming Onion Maker

Blooming Onion Maker  $7.95

Prepare beautiful and tasty onion blossoms just like those found at your favorite restaurants! Includes: onion slicing guide, core remover,…

KRISK Bean Frencher | Bean Slicer

KRISK Bean Frencher | Bean Slicer  $7.95

This best selling French style bean slicer strings and slices runner beans in one easy action. A sharp integral blade…

Roasting Rack - Oval Nonstick

Roasting Rack - Oval Nonstick  $7.95

Oval Roasting Rack with non-stick finish. Measures 11.25" x 8.25". Also use as a cooling rack or trivet.…

RSVP Slip-on Silicone Pour Spout

RSVP Slip-on Silicone Pour Spout  $7.95

Direct the pour of wet or dry ingredients more accurately when you attach the RSVP Slip-On Pour Spout onto any…

JosephJoseph Scoop&Pick Jar Spoon & Fork

JosephJoseph Scoop&Pick Jar Spoon & Fork  $8.95

Jar Spoon & Fork, 8" / 20cm, green, stainless steel & plastic. Long-handled slotted spoon is ideal for scooping and draining…

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush  $8.95

Clean harder vegetables like potatoes and carrots with the Flexible Vegetable Brush. The nylon bristles are sturdy and durable, while…

OXO Ice Cube Tray

OXO Ice Cube Tray  $8.95

Ice cube tray, 12.75 x 15.5"/32.5x14cm. Have you ever tried to release just a few ice cubes from an ice…

Cooks Innovation Reusable ToasterBags | Set of 2

Cooks Innovation Reusable ToasterBags | Set of 2  $9.95

Many sandwiches, especially those with cheese, taste better toasted, but who wants to wash the frying pan, and clean up…

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