We love poached eggs. Having tried all the egg ‘poaching’ devices, we wanted to make something that helped poach eggs properly in water and give a natural chef-like result. Unlike other devices which don’t poach but often ‘coddle’ the eggs, poach can™ ‘free poaches’ the egg properly in water in under half the time. A proper poached egg, better and faster. Proper Poached Eggs Chef-like results Twice as fast as floating silicone devices Make multiple eggs by staggering in the pan How to use poach can™: - Place poach can™ into hot or gently simmering water up to the ‘water level indicator line’. Very gently crack egg into the poach can and leave to cook for about 3 minutes - Gently remove the can leaving the egg in the water (if egg is sticking release it gently with a small knife) - Cook egg until ready (about another 1 to 2 minutes) and remove using a slotted spoon - Serve and enjoy